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Meet Patti Massey, President and Founder

With a history of building successful business ventures, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old. I was born with a passion to creatively solve business challenges and provide opportunities for others to succeed. My role in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as Vice Chair of the Forum and as a Board Member provides me with many opportunities to support and partner with other women owned businesses. Many of MYCA’s channel partners are the result of these relationships.  

For more than 15 years, MYCA has offered diversity and inclusion, harassment prevention, and drug & alcohol prevention training, among other titles. Recently I lost a dear family member to a tragic accident when a man on heroin crossed the yellow line and struck his car head-on. Although I’ve always been passionate about safety in the workplace, this incident inspired me to bundle several of our courses and create MYCA’s Safety-First Certification program. My mission is to get millions of workers across the country trained and create more respectful, inclusive and safe workplaces for everyone. Having the knowledge and tools to intervene could have saved my brother’s life and I’m hopeful that our training programs will provide the information needed to save the lives of others.

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Our Process

To deliver optimal learning results, our immersive learning approach facilitates an all-encompassing “experience” for learners focused on presenting information in dynamic way and engaging participants through interactive course elements. A key element to engaging participants early is, the “hook,” an exercise that piques their curiosity and taps into their prior knowledge base. Stimulating participants’ intellectual curiosity while delivering a fast-paced and highly interactive learning experience will enhance retention and application of new skills. To tap into different learning styles and provide an interesting, engaging learning experience for all participants, we employ a variety of tactics including: interactive presentations, full motion scenarios, upbeat narration with a clever tone, periodic quizzes, interactive exercises, animated scenarios, Q & A including instant feedback, summaries of key points, closed captioning for all voice-overs and video, and access to a glossary of relevant terms.  

We begin by speaking with the client to determine and define the business goal(s). Once defined, we look at why the business goal is needed. If specific actions are preventing the goal(s) from being accomplished, we work with subject matter experts to determine what those actions are, why they should change and what should be done instead. The answers gleaned during this time typically determine what type of training is needed (e.g. interactive graphics, quick-reference PDF, course activities, etc.). We'll then work with you to select custom developed or off the shelf courses that will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble our team and start implementing-while you sit back and relax. 

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