Turning Tragedy into Positivity

18 years ago, Patti started an eLearning company that was well ahead of its time. Before anyone had heard of digital training for the workplace, MYCA was already creating powerful online courses by partnering with the country's top subject-matter-experts.

Of the hundreds of courses Patti and her team developed, the sexual harassment prevention training was one of the most meaningful. Like many women who courageously shared their story through the #MeToo movement, Patti was sexually assaulted by a manager early in her career and wished she had the knowledge and tools on what to do, that we now have today.

In 2018, Patti lost her brother to a tragic accident when a man who was on heroin crossed the yellow line and struck his car head-on. This event was a wake-up call on just how crucial reasonable suspicion and drug-free workplace training was. If someone had the training to intervene, her brother's life could have been saved, as many others impacted by the dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Patti's resilience and leadership is an inspiration to her team and clients, by taking action and creating proactive training solutions that improve workplaces and have a lasting, positive impact on the community.



Patti Massey
Founder and President

Sandra Vogel, PhD
Lead Trainer and Facilitator

Ryan Wale
VP of Development

Kelly Kramer
Chief Marketing Officer

Jen Goris
eLearning Developer

Grant Schweigeraht
eLearning Developer

Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Barking Officer


Training with an Impact

We want to create SAFE workplaces for everyone, especially women. Safety is beyond OSHA and includes the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of an employee. Our goal is to make a difference in the thousands of workplaces across the country with our powerful eLearning tools. We are grateful for our BIG partners who have stepped up and shown their commitment to Safety First by sharing our message and becoming affiliates.

We collaborate with a variety of organizations that are committed to MYCA Learning's mission of leveraging digital training to improve workplaces and make a positive impact on our communities.

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