Safety First Certification | $47

The Safety First Certification program gives your employees a voice; a way to communicate their concerns safely without recrimination or retaliation through our interactive and anonymous portal. And, your concern about your employees’ safety shines a positive light on your culture for teams and new hires alike.  

Course bundle includes these topics: 

• Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct • Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Shooter • Reasonable Suspicion: Drug Free Workplace • Action Bytes place employees into challenging situations that require critical thinking to solve problems  

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Courses included in our Safety-First Certification Bundle:

Harassment Prevention 

Harassment Prevention Courses include Supervisor and Non Supervisor versions and are compliant with all 50 states including California, New York, and Illinois. 

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Workplace Violence and Active Shooter

This all-encompassing violence prevention curriculum covers sources of violence, early & imminent warning signs, and how to handle an Active Shooter situation. Includes the 15-minute Active Shooter training module. Keep your employees safe by providing the step-by-step Active Shooter guide to actions that save lives. Your organization’s specific Safety & Evacuation Plan can be included along with your Policy.  

Created in collaboration with strategicHRinc and generously permitted usage of Emmy award-winning video from the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.​​

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Reasonable Suspicion: Drug Free Workplace

Ignoring the warning signs can lead to an incident in your workplace. Learn how to protect your company, your drivers and all of your workers.

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Offer the best resources for the humans on your team and keep them safe.