Diversity and Inclusion

Understand Bias in the workplace and how teams can use diversity to develop high performance.

Implicit Bias

30 minutes

Implicit bias is a universal phenomenon that occurs for any type of difference that we encounter when interacting with others. It refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. This powerful online course will not only explore research on bias, it will also help you better understand how biases influence your workplace – and how you can begin to change them. 

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Workplace Diversity: The Team Advantage™

Twelve - 5-10 minute modules

Workplace Diversity: The Team Advantage™ is designed to improve the ability of your workforce to engage and interact more effectively with co-workers who are different than themselves, and to learn the characteristics and value of High Performing Teams. Twelve courses are in The Team Advantage™ series leverage multimedia technology to create an individualized and highly interactive learning environment. The program engages the employee with a virtual workgroup of individuals who are diverse in many ways and have just been assigned to a new team to develop a high performance initiative for their company. Each course is a 5-10 minute learning experience of realistic workplace dynamics.  

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