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1. Discuss Client's Training and Business Goals

We begin by speaking with the client to determine and define the business goal(s). Once defined, we look at why the business goal is needed. If specific actions are preventing the goal(s) from being accomplished, we work with subject matter experts to determine what those actions are, why they should change and what should be done instead. The answers gleaned during this time typically determine what type of training is needed (e.g. interactive graphics, quick-reference PDF, course activities, etc.)

All of our courses can be 508 compliant, produced as SCORM files and progress tracked for each learner. You can chose to host the files on your LMS or we can host on our LMS.

2. Select Type of Training and Customization

We Employ a Variety of Tactics to Engage Learners

To deliver optimal learning results, our immersive learning approach facilitates an all-encompassing “experience” for learners focused on presenting information in dynamic way and engaging participants through interactive course elements. To cater to all learning styles, any combination of the following can be selected:

Visuals & Audio

  • Animated Scenarios
  • Video, Moving Images, and Text
  • Full Motion Scenarios
  • Whiteboard Effect


  • Upbeat Narration with a Clever Tone
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Closed Caption for all Voice-Overs and Video


  • 508 Compliance
  • Play/Pause/Stop Buttons
  • Audio Buttons
  • Embedded Client Documents and Policies
  • Access to a Glossary of Relevant Terms


  • Interactive Presentations
  • Periodic Quizzes (timed / untimed)
  • Engaging Exercises
  • Q&A including instant feedback
  • Branching Scenarios with Looped Animation

3. Course Outline & Subject Matter Expert Review

We will draft an outline, specifying the number of modules, length and specific content you would like to include.

We have a large network of subject matter experts that we can partner with or transform your expert content.

4. Instructional Design & Storyboard Development

Our expert eLearning instructional designers will put together the storyboard and organization of content.

5. Edits, Review & Client Approval

Throughout the process we will have multiple check-ins with the client, allowing for review and edits until the final approval. After the final review, we can deploy the content. If it is an interactive eBook, we will provide the URL. If it is a digital course or action byte (digital safety drill), we will provide the SCORM files that can be either hosted on your LMS or our LMS.

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