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According to recent studies, 1 in 7 workers do not feel safe at work. Perhaps it is because they feel excluded, harassed or bullied. With an emphasis on personal safety for individuals, work groups and communities, a higher standard of alertness and concern for others ensures that workplaces will be safer and lives will be saved.  

The powerful Safety First Certification program includes a reinforcement of typical learning topics such as harassment prevention, bullying, reasonable suspicion of drug & alcohol abuse, and workplace violence/active shooter content. But it goes so much further with focused and actionable content that places each employee into challenging situations and requires critical thinking to solve problems.  

 Let’s collaborate to create more respectful, inclusive and safe workplaces across America. We’re committed to delivering a powerful message to American workers… you can make a difference as the ‘eyes and ears’ of your organization and create a safer community for everyone. We’re looking for affiliate partners to spread this message.  

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